Queens County Mental Health Society:
        Remember to be good to yourself      
                   because you are important.

    We serve people who live or work in Queens, New York.
We know that times are changing. Our culture is changing.  It is becoming more important for us to learn new skills, and to better understand our thoughts and our feelings.  People who are comfortable talking about their thoughts and feelings are better able to improve their own lives and better able to provide emotional support to others.

We are building a coalition of people who recognize the value of living a life based on principles of good mental health and plans for recovery. We monitor mental health services, and help people find the best services for achieving their goals. When you have a problem in handling your emotions, we can help you make decisions, and find the support you need. Sometimes, it helps to reach out to others who have been through similar struggles, and can be there to listen and be supportive.

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